To become an Affiliate (Professional or Business), please fill in this online application. The application will be reviewed at the next monthly board meeting after which you will receive notice from the board on their decision.

If you wish to apply for international membership and have fulfilled the necessary criteria (Article IV below) and have the sponsorship of two current Swedish international members, please send an e-mail to the board at and we will send you the international application and further information.


Section 1. Qualifications

Any individual Member answering to Article II of these statutes may be a Member of UICH. The applicant must be employed by the hotel, have a minimum of five years in the lobby, two in the position of Concierge, and he or she must be sponsored by two active Members of UICH in order to maintain the prestige of the Sections and of UICH. Any Section desirous of fixing a longer service time may do so.

The definition of a Concierge, Hall Porter or Portier in all member Sections is as follows:

  1. He or she has a desk in the lobby of the hotel, either separate from or shared with Reception.
  2. He or she wears a uniform with golden keys on each lapel.
  3. He or she manages assistants at the desk and may also manage all other uniform Staff such as pages, door attendants, luggage porters and chauffeurs, etc.
  4. He or she reports to the Room Division Manager, Resident Manager, Front Office Manager, or General Manager.

The main task of the Concierge is to look after the hotel guests, fulfilling their requests and answering their inquiries, giving them information about the city and country, making hotel bookings, car rentals, restaurant and airline reservations, etc.