​The objective of a hotel concierge is to deliver the highest level of professional service to his or her customers, including guests, colleagues, employers, subordinates and suppliers, regardless of circumstances. It is paramount that a concierge conducts him or herself with unquestioned integrity at all times.


​The commitment of a member of Les Clefs d’Or Sweden is to value and adhere to the ideas and principles set forth in our code of ethics. (It is recognized that this code is subject to interpretation and is not necessarily all-inclusive.)


Code of Ethics:


* A concierge must at all times act within the law and not condone, engage in, or defend illegal conduct or practices.


* A concierge should only recommend a product or service after carrying out an objective, independent assessment to evaluate the quality of the product or service and its appropriateness for his or her customers.


* Products and services should never be recommended on the sole basis of benefit to the concierge. Any benefits a concierge receives for recommendations made should be transparent and shared with the concierge’s team. A concierge should not demand benefit for recommending, or promising to recommend any product or service.


* A concierge should fully explain to guests all products and services recommended, divulging the full cost of any such product or service.


* A concierge should only ever communicate in a polite, courteous, respectful and helpful manner.


* A concierge should empower the members of his or her team by ensuring they are sufficiently trained, informed and motivated to be able to offer consistent, high levels of service at all times.


* A concierge should follow up all requests, inquiries and invitations in a timely manner.


* A concierge should honor all commitments he or she makes.


* A concierge should only wear the crossed golden keys insignia of Les Clefs d’Or if he or she is entitled to do so.


* A concierge should not disparage a colleague publicly.


The aim of members of Les Clefs d’Or Sweden is not only to serve their customers but to exceed their customers’ expectations. This can be achieved by sharing ideas and experiences, thus enhancing our knowledge base, enabling members to deliver ever-higher levels of service, that is in service through friendship.