Les Clefs d’Or® is a not-for-profit Association made up of professional hotel Concierge.

The Concierge members of this Association are principally dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of travel and tourism. Les Clefs d’Or members are continuously seeking out innovations and advancements in the travel and tourism industry – focusing particularly on the area of hotel Concierge services, while always respecting the history and traditions of the hotel Concierge profession.

Each of the active members of Les Clefs d’Or is currently employed in the lobby of a hotel in good standing. All leaders of the Association are elected from among the general active membership.

Organizational Chart

International Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected to manage and run the association in accordance with our statutes.  The Executive Committee make recommendations to the Board of Directors who vote to enact or reject these recommendations.  Once accepted by the Board of Directors these recommendations are then presented to the membership for final ratification at the General Assembly.  In our association the members are the ultimate authority.



There are seven zones within Les Clefs d’Or.  The Zone Directors act as conduits of information between the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.  The assist section Presidents to carry out their mandate.  Each zone meets at least once a year to exchange ideas and information.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is tasked to represent the membership as leaders of the association.  Each of the 45 section Presidents get a vote at the Board of Directors meeting.  Votes are taken on all major recommendations made by the Executive Committee.


The Sages (Ex-Presidents of the Association) act as trusted advisers to all levels of the association.  They advice, council and guide the association.  Pictured here are the active Sages of the association listed in alphabetical order.

Committee Chairs

Les Clefs d’Or has set up a number of committees comprised of a number of selected members.  They work on projects for the betterment of the association.  Each committee has a chairperson appointed by the Executive Committee.   There are currently six committees operating:

  • Strategic Partnerships – Jeanne Mills, USA
  • Communications – James Ridenour, Australia
  • Education – Thomas Munko, Germany
  • Membership – Paul Still, Great Britain
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility – Mark Finn, Canada
  • Les Clefs d’Or Award – Anders Ruggiero, Denmark
General Assembly

Les Clefs d’Or is structured so that the members have the final authority on all recommendations made on behalf of the association.  Members ratify all recommendations made by the Executive Committee that have been approved by the Board of Directors.  This is done at the General Assembly which is held each year at the international congress.