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Les Clefs D'Or

Japan first became a Section of Les Clefs d’Or Singapore in 1990. Our concierge member’s constant effort and passion was recognised and less than ten years later, Les Clefs d’Or Japan was established as an individual section in November 1997.

After 20 years of growth, two Honorary Members, 28 Members and 16 Associate Members throughout the country, we are providing our excellent “Japanese Omotenashi” hospitality every day.

Omotenashi is a Japanese way of showing true care in an extremely polite manner. Our attention to detail for every aspect of the guest’s stay is cultivated from a long Japanese tradition. It will bring the guest a peaceful, tranquil and comfortable mind during their visit.​

The island country of Japan has so much to offer. Each city has very different characteristics, from traditional to modern. Beautiful four seasons add dramatic colours to each region, which gives you the chance to enjoy unique views and experiences every time you visit and anywhere you go in Japan.

Also don’t forget about our world famous culinary culture to fulfil your appetite and curiosity.

Geisha, manga, sushi, zen, ninja . . . you must know many words in Japanese already. Now it’s time for you to experience them with all your senses.

We cannot wait to welcome you and be your guide and open the door to our vibrant and exciting country full of history, culture and beauty.

Learn more about our concierge members, organisation and service by visiting our website Les Clefs d’Or Japan. We truly hope to meet you in the near future and share our insider knowledge and passion with you.

Please come and see us in our lobbies!

In Service through Friendship,
Mayako Sumiyoshi
President, Les Clefs d’Or Japan

**Thank you Fujiyoshida City for the usage of your panoramic picture displaying Mount Fuji during Japan’s cherry blossom season.

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Section President

Mayako Sumiyoshi
President / Chief Concierge
Palace Hotel Tokyo

Section Contact Details

Palace Hotel Tokyo
1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Phone : +81 3 3211 5211


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