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Les Clefs d’Or Singapore was officially accepted as a the 24th Country of UICH at the 34th International Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1986. Founding President and International Honorary Member, Mr. Jerry Soh, was the inspiration and driving force behind our association in Singapore.

Prior before officially accepted as independent chapter, Singapore was under the guidance of The Golden Keys of Great Britain & The Commonwealth.

The Singapore section currently counts members from Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Singapore, sometimes referred to as ‘Lion City’ or ‘Garden City’, is a sovereign city-state in South East Asia. According to legend, Srivijayan Prince Sang Nila Utama landed on the island and catching sight of a strange creature that he thought was a lion, decided to found a new city he called Singapura, Sanskrit for Lion City.

Singapore’s Garden City journey began in 1963, when then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew planted a Mempat tree (Cratoxylum formosum). Through the dedication and commitment of its pioneers and the community, the city’s landscape has transformed to one where greenery is a major feature with flowering species, nature reserves, parks, park connectors, tree-lined roads and other natural areas.

Explore the many heritage sites, experience the rich tapestry of arts and culture, embark on a culinary adventure and discover why Singapore is one of Asia’s must visit destinations. Singapore offers a multicultural mosaic of cultures where diverse places of worship, cuisines and languages co-exist harmoniously, despite their differences. Heritage sites include Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street.

The rich heritage of Singapore is also evident in the wealth of food choices. Food centres such as the Maxwell Food Centre are one-stop venues with different ethnic cuisines all under one roof. Newer additions to Singapore’s colourful “foodscape” include celebrity restaurants and trendy eateries in heritage districts.

When you are in Singapore, please do not hesitate to approach our professional and friendly hotel concierges. Les Clefs d’Or Singapore Concierges look forward to share the uniquely Singapore experience with all our guests. In a city where you may know no one, the concierge is your best friend.

Visit our website Les Clefs d’Or Singapore to learn more about our association or to get in-touch with any of our members. We look forward hearing from you, making all your passions possible and welcoming you to our beautiful city.

In Service through Friendship,
Syed Musaddiq
President, Les Clefs d’Or Singapore

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Syed Musaddiq
President / Chef Concierge
InterContinental Singapore

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