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Welcome to Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam with 4,000 years of rich cultural history and known for its myriads of hidden charms. In spite of being through many years of war, Hanoi retains its own national identity, which is especially expressed in the plentiful recipes of Vietnamese Cuisine. Discover Hanoi street food and immerse yourself in a journey of tastes.

“I’ve had an amazing experience today, I found it was such a special flavor I would never find at any other 5*- restaurant! Just fancy it so much!”

“One word I would say after trying Pho in Hanoi was amazing!”

These are comments from our guests after experiencing Hanoi’s street food.  Here are a few of my favorite street food experiences in Hanoi:

Ph – noodle soup:

Hanoi has long been considered the birth place of the most popular street food – Pho.  This noodle dish is a beautiful and charming masterpiece combining the white color of the rice noodle, accented by the green color of the scallions and highlighting the color of fresh beef (or slices of boiled chicken skin on) in a blue and white ceramic bowl.  The ingredients simmer in the hot earthy broth that has been slow-cooked blending together the simple flavours of the bones (pork, beef or chicken) and the sweetness of the meat together with a hint of the soft acidity of vinegar – Don’t wait, just indulge!

My recommendation for some additional Pho restaurants for your next visit:

  • Pho Gia Truyen – 49 Bat Dan Street (with beef).
  • Pho 10 – 10 Ly Quoc Su Street (with beef).
  • Pho HONG – 11 Hang Hom Street (with chicken)

Bún Ch:

This delicious dish is not only popular among the local people, but also among many international friends who enjoy great traditional Vietnamese food.  In 2016, Bún Chả became even more famous after the official visit by President Obama of the United States.  After tasting this dish, President Obama expressed his delight that Bún Chả was “the best street food” to him.  Since then, this dish has been affectionately named “Bún Chả Obama” by some.  You can find “Bún Chả Obama” at 24 Lê Văn Hưu Street, where the oldest Bún Chả diner in town is located.

Alternatively, you can try Bún Chả Đắc Kim at 1 Hàng Mành Street which opened its business more than half century ago.  Once you have tasted this dish, you will surely fall in love with its tender grilled pork over rice noodle, seasoned with special fish sauce with sliced green papaya and fresh vegetable from the north.

Ch cá Lã Vng:

During the French colonization in Vietnam, a family named DOAN created a special dish “Chả cá Lã Vọng”, using the red tail catfish as the main ingredient and ever since for over a century, the “Cha Ca La Vong” has become a specialty of Hanoi gastronomy.  Cha Ca is described as fish marinated in fermented rice, galingale and shrimp paste, charcoal grilled in a pan and sautéed with dill and scallion.  It is served with white rice noodles, roasted peanuts, cilantro, fresh chopped onion and shrimp sauce prepared with lemon, peppers, sugar, white wine and some essence oil.

14 Cha Ca St (formerly Hang Son) is the original restaurant where you can enjoy this delicious dish with your beloved friends, family in a homey ambiance.  You should also try the dish in winter for an experience so perfect that it cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Bun bo Nam Bo:

Even though Bun bo Nam Bo is not an original specialty of Hanoi, it is an irresistible delicacy for visitors due to its big “coverage”.  The best place to enjoy this dish is at 67 on Hang Dieu Street where the noodles are mixed with sweet and sour sauce, accented with bean sprouts, fried onions, peanuts, sliced vegetables and freshly fried beef which still sizzles on the pan.

Once you start to visit Hanoi’s street food scene more often, you will get to know the owners of the food stalls and can request your personal preferences such as more beef, less noodles, more soup, more spicy, etc.  On a recent visit to a food stall I had frequented before, the owner recognized me and immediate set to make my order just to my liking.

I hope you will join me at the Melia Hanoi Hotel so that you can indulge in the street food experience of Hanoi.  It is just simply fantastic!


Another signature product of Hanoi is the beautiful hand-made silk embroideries and I recommend “Tan My Silk”, one of the oldest and most famous stores in Hanoi, for such beautiful silk products.

The story of Tan My started during the grueling days of the Vietnam War.  Madam Bach, the mother of the current proprietor, Huong, was selling hand-embroidered pillow cases.  When the war started, she began to embroider handkerchiefs with messages from loved ones for the soldiers to bring with them to battle.  Named after her two eldest sons, Tan My commenced as a business in 1969 in a small shop on Hang Gai Street, the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarters.

Currently, there is only one Tan My outlet at 66 Hang Gai and a Tan My Design at 61-63 Hang Gai (on the opposite side) stocked with contemporary designs by young talented Vietnam designers utilizing top quality silk from Tan My.

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