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Les Clefs D'Or

Republic of India

India’s magnanimous heritage includes not just breathtakingly beautiful architecture, rich tradition, History  and diverse cultures but also mesmerising and scenic landscapes. snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas and the cool hill stations of the north, to the alluring beaches on the western and eastern coasts and the ornate temples of the south, India has the variety to appease the interests of all those travelling through the country.

Les Clefs d’Or India

Formally known as ‘Concierge Association of India’ established in India in 1998 with modest 7 members all charged up with a dream to wear the famed Crossed Golden Keys. Today, India has more than 200 concierges across the Country beaming with pride and glory, assisting traveller’s guests and creating magical moments at their Desk with their gracious smile. Les Clefs d’Or India – Society for Golden Key Concierges is an free and individual society affiliated with U.I.C.H.


The Concierge concept started way back in 19867 in Mumbai which was introduced at The Oberoi’s .The registered Concierge association held their first AGM in year 2000 in Delhi which was a pioneering event with hotels like the Oberoi, Taj Mahal and Hyatt participating to the same. Institution’s like American Express and brands like Mumabi Magic was a part of the “Little Known Profession” The Mumbai chapter started in year 2000 and with the efforts of a dedicated team have been working towards making little known profession a mark in all major hotels in the city.

The aim of Les Clefs d’Or is to help improve and maintain the quality of service provided by concierge staff in their hotels and to ensure that this little-known profession is given the recognition it deserves.  The association is at the disposal of its members for any help and guidance they may require.  It is the very solidarity of its members that gives Les Clefs d’Or great power on an international scale and allows its members to accomplish the impossible for their hotel guests: Service through Friendship.

Les Clefs d’Or India now has 130 Golden key members representing all major cities in India, Nairobi in Kenya and Sri Lanka. 10th UICH Asian Congress was recently held in Mumbai, which was a great success and first of the many to come.

Concierges across the world contribute a lot in the growth of the tourism industry in general and their respective hotels in particular. It is indeed worthwhile to note that all hotels in India are looking up at the profession and providing due support to the association. In the years to come, we would have a formidable force with representations from all the best of the hotels in the country. We earnestly thank all our members, respective hotels and patrons for their immense support in the evolution and growth of the Association.

Foundation Date


Section President

Edwin Saldanha
President / Head Concierge
The Lodhi

Section Contact Details

C/O The Concierge Desk, The Oberoi Hotel
Dr Zakir Hussain Marg
110003 New Delhi


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