Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or


The largest country in Latin America and fifth of the world, Brazil is known by the natural beauty and the friendly atmosphere. We speak Portuguese and the currency is call “Real”. We have different attractions for all kinds of visitors. If you are looking for relax here is your place. If you prefer some party, you will find here too!

From North to South we have a tremendous variety of colors and flavors. If we could define Brazil in one word, it would be MULTICULTURAL. Our country was formed by influences of immigrants from all parts of the world as Africans, Portuguese, Arabians, Japanese, Germans, Italian and much more. All those nations created a patchwork called Brazil. It reflects in our gastronomy, music and in our traditions.

Do you want one more reason to visit us?  Know the natural beauty of our country. The meeting of the waters between the rivers Negro and Solimões, in Amazonia; the National Park of Iguazu, at Paraná, with more than 200 falls; the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, considered of one of the new 7 wonders from the modern world, are just some examples of must do attractions. We cannot forget to mention the 7,5 thousand kilometers of coast. In the southeast of Brazil, São Paulo is the business capital and the most populous city.

The powerful of the national folklore call attention to our tourists. The main expression is the Carnaval. All the country stops along four days to celebrate life. Luxury samba school parades in Rio and São Paulo, the Carnaval floats in Salvador and people crowding the streets everywhere just to party.

We invite you to explore the Brazilian diversity and to know the warmth of the hospitality of our people.

Les Clefs d´Or Brésil

The Brazilian section of Les Clefs d´Or started in the 80s, when the so-called Chef Concierge of hotel Le Méridien Copacabana, Alexandre Imbroisi (already deceased) was a member of French Les Clefs d’Or.

Alexandre Imbroisi, in his early twenties, was taken to French Les Clefs d’Or by the hands of the so-called Chef Concierge of Hotel Le Meridien Montparnasse, from Paris, monsieur Marc Berger, and at that team, already participated in international summits.

In 1991, Alexandre called the Concierges of the main hotels in Rio, such as InterContinental, Copacabana Palace, Rio Othon Palace, Sheraton and the former Rio Palace, among others, and for a meeting aiming at creating Les Clefs d’Or Brésil.

Soon after, the majority of Concierges from Rio de Janeiro, including Paulo Roberto Corrêa, our current counsel, took part of the 1st Extraordinary Assembly where the Les Clefs d’Or Brésil bylaws- Brazilian Association of Concierges of the Top-line Hotels (Abraco) were created and where the bylaws of foundation were approved, published by the Official Gazette dated as of December 6th, 1991.

Currently, the Brazilian section of Les Clefs d´Or is represented in seven states: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia. There is a huge potential to develop the concierge association from Noth to South and the diretory is motivaded to go through. Next challenge is host the Panamerican Congress in 2020.

Foundation Date


Section President

Rodrigo Martins
President / Chief Concierge
Praia Ipanema Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

Section Contact Details

Av Vieira Souto 706
Ipanema Rio de Janeiro Cep 22420 000
Phone : +55 21 2141 4949


Member Hotels
Best Western Premier Americas Fashion Hotel by Lenny Niemeyer

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Avenida das Americas, 8585 - Barra da Tijuca Rio De Janeiro, 22793 - Brazil

Best Western Premier Americas Fashion Hotel by Lenny Niemeyer Best Western Premier Hotel is pioneering fashion hotel in Brazil by Lenny Niemeyer, the greatest beachwear stylist in the country. She was invited to create the ambiance, interior design and styling concept. Located at Vogue Square in Barra da Tijuca, a complex with mix use concept with stores, restaurants and it is close to Reserva beach. We offer an exclusive beach service at Ecolounge, between the lagoon and the beach with a truck and boat free shuttle service through Marapendi Lagoon. The mini bars and breakfast follow the new local philosophy that incorporates health, balance, wellness and well-being, and guests will be able to experience organic food from a menu with healthy nutrients and fresh ingredients. Specializing in contemporary Brazilian gastronomy, the menu is a mix of typical and lesser-known Brazilian ingredients by the most renowned Brazilian chef Bela Gil. Contact Info Toll Free Number 1(800) 780-7234 Hotel Direct Number+55 21 3609 3300

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