Your Key To Salzburg, The Hills Are Alive

Imagine driving only 20 minutes out of Salzburg city to Lake Fuschl and you will arrive at our lovely hideaway surrounded by marvelous nature. You might have heard this phrase before and Yes, you are right! It still rings true – THE HILLS ARE ALIVE! 

There is so much more to do and see here at Lake Fuschl, but for the fans of the famous Sound of Music movie, we will be more than delighted to arrange a private guide for you on your very own Sound of Music Tour.  On this 4-hour tour, you will visit beautiful, romantic and breath-taking locations which were the settings to the film over 50 years ago.  Lodged deeply in our hearts and mind, the magnificent landscape is waiting to enchant you once again. 

More than what the movie can offer: Our exceptional resort located next to the clear Lake Fuschl entices you to personally explore the lakeshore. This 3 hour walk offers breath-taking views over the green hills and allows you to find inner balance and gather new strength.  Along the 12 km pathway, you will see helpful yellow signs around the lake marked with Trail No. 20.  On your return, stop by for a quick break at our famous Schloss Fuschl Castle Fishery (open daily).  Nestled in one of the most secluded spot along the lake, you can treat yourself to fresh smoked fish while watching the fishermen busy at work – Enjoy Your Fish Meal.

Within a short 15 minute drive into the country side, you will find the beautiful Lake Wolfgang.  For the best view over this scenic lake, may we recommend taking a vintage cable car ride to reach the top of Zwoelferhorn Mountain.  As you climb into one of the cable cars’ original gondolas, you will feel a wave of nostalgia in the air.   Its gentle speed and smooth ascent make you feel like you are floating up the mountain with Lake Wolfgang and Lake Fuschl glittering beneath you.   There are numerous little huts offering local delicacies, why not pop in and enjoy a tasty snack?  Oh, don’t forget to take pictures – your Instagram account will gain many new followers for sure.  

Lake Fuschl and its vicinity have had many celebrated visitors who made the area famous.  One such distinguished visitor was Austrian artist Gustv Klimt.  Klimt often visited the nearby Lake Attersee and used the setting as the inspiration of several paintings, such as Litzlberg and Schloss Kammern.  On your next visit to the Neue Gallerie in New York or the Belvedere in Vienna, you can see the beautiful setting through Klimt’s masterworks.  Locally, the Gustav Klimt Center in Schoerfling/Attersee has a collection of paintings originated around the Lake. 

On your way to the beautiful Salzkammergut area, may I suggest a stop enroute at the cottage of Austrian composer Gustav Mahler.  This cottage is located on the edge of Lake Attersee and it is where Mahler composed his famous Symphonies Number 2 and 3.  A visit to this little lakeside cottage in Steinbach/Attersee will leave you with melodies ringing in your ears and heart. 

So I will end this little story with one last line: 

“So long, Farewell, good night, Auf Wiedersehen”   

Norbert Strambach 

Your Concierge at the Schloss Fuschl, a Luxury Collection Resort & SPA  

A Member of Les Clefs D’or Austria 

Meet the Author
Norbert Strambach, Concierge Schloss Fuschl, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Norbert Strambach is the Concierge at the Schloss Fuschl, a Luxury Collection Resort & SPA and is a member of Les Clefs D'or Austria.

Schloss Fuschl, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Schloss Fuschl, A Luxury Collection Resort & SPA Fuschlsee Salzburg

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