Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

It was April 1952 when two Concierges from Barcelona, Mr. José María Bautista and Vicente Aguilar were invited to Cannes where with other eight countries they decided to create L’Union Europeenne des Portiers de Grands Hotels “Les Clefs d’Or” (UEPGH Les Clefs d’Or).  Due to the strict francoist law, the Spanish Section had to be  under the French Section for ten years. In 1962 a group of  Concierges in Madrid  managed to be accepted by the government  and had their first legal meeting where Alfredo Molero was chosen as President. In 1974 Mr. Molero was elected as International President then in 1985 Mr. Bautista was chosen as International President.

Nowadays the Spanish section is divided in five delegations all created in 1962 except Madrid that was created in 1977 as the Presidency moved to Barcelona. Those sections are lead by different concierges, in Andalucia Antonio Morilla from the Alfonso XIII is the delegate, in Baleares the delegate is Pep Toni Ferreiro from the Castillo Son Vida Hotel, in Cataluña the delegate is Marc Schmid  from  OD Hotels  , in Costa del Sol José Sánchez from Los Monteros Hotel is the delegate and finally in Madrid the delegate is Borja Martín Guridi from the Ritz Hotel.

Spain has established a really long tradition of genuine hospitality, one of the many reasons why Spain is so popular is that its nation is renowned for being respectful and accommodating towards overseas visitors. The diversity in Spain its the other great assets. Spain is famous worldwide for its incredible architecture that brims with Moorish, Romanesque and Gothic monuments in the same country. Diversity also represented by their worldwide famous writers such Cervantes who wrote “El Quijote de la Mancha” which is the second most translated book in the history after the Bible. Diversity is also our wide variety of cuisines with dishes as famous as the Valencian Paella with a Moorish origin.

All the Spanish Les Clefs d´Or Concierges are very much looking forward to great you in Spain, not just to show you our amazing heritage, history and culture but also to make you feel at home away from home. We are naturally born as hosts and we enjoy showing and assisting guests from all over the world.

Please also visit our website http://llavesdeoro.org/  to learn more about our association, we also have facebook https://www.facebook.com/llavesdeoroespanolas/ and twitter https://twitter.com/LesClefsdOrSP where we daily update about the events, exhibitions and activities in Spain.

We look forward to meeting you in our hotel lobbies.

In Service through Friendship,

Ramón Lefort

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Section President

Ramón Lefort Carmenia
President / Head Concierge
Barcelo Emperatriz

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Cl, Gran Via, 33
Plta. 6ª Of. 14 28032 Madrid
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Member Hotels
Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos

Barcelona Spain

Av. Diagonal 661 - 671 Barcelona Spain 08028

Set in 25,000 square meters of breathtaking 19th century gardens and revealing an unparalleled view of the stunning Barcelona skyline; this luxurious 432 rooms urban hotel provides guest with a tranquil retreat in the heart of Barcelona. With a central location on the prestigious Avenida Diagonal and surrounded by major attractions such as the famous Camp Nou stadium and the Barcelona Polo Club, Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I will ensure the most memorable stay with engaging service and glamorous character.

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