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Les Clefs D'Or


In 2012 Poland was privileged to have joined the International Family of Friendly Hotel Concierges as the 43rd section of Les Clefs d’Or. Despite the fact, that we are relatively a small section with only 13 members wearing the prestigious “Golden Keys” on the lapels of our uniforms, I am proud to say that we are all well experienced enthusiasts of the concierge profession and we love to serve our Guests. We are in Warsaw as well as in the famous spa – city of Sopot at the sea side and in the medieval capital city of Poland –  Kraków.

Poland is not only the fastest growing economy in Europe since 1990, making the country a perfect location for business. With its over 1000 years history, endless wars and continually shifting borders, mixing influences from West and East, it is an exciting destination for everyone. Natural forests of Białowieża, hundreds of Mazurian lakes, high Tatra mountains and long sandy beaches on the Baltic coast make Poland the most beautiful undiscovered part of Europe. I did not even mention the famous Old-Polish hospitality.

We are excited to find out about your interests and expectations, so we may tailor our offer accordingly. Let us share with you our knowledge, our ideas, tips and let yourself experience something unique.

Please also see our website: (www.zloteklucze.pl) for our detailed list of members and their hotels. Spread around the country, we are ready to assist you with almost anything, any time and at any place.

Looking forward to meeting you in our hotel lobbies.

In Service through Friendship,

Piotr Prasuła

President, Les Clefs d’Or Poland


With your Section’s description, kindly attach a minimum of two quality photographs that you believe represent your country (landscape / metropolis) in the following sizes;

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*Please ensure we have the rights to use these photos on our site. Ideally, the photographs should have been taken by our members.

Foundation Date


Section President

Piotr Prasula
President / Chef Concierge
Sofitel Warsaw Victoria

Section Contact Details

Pięciolinii 8, m. 40
02-784 Warszawa
Phone : +48 501 091 644


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