Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

In 1965 Greece joined Les Clefs d’Or and started to show what the country is known for, “Greek Hospitality”.

Now Greece has 30 members who with great smiles we assist guests from all over the world.

Greece also supports Les Clefs d’Or members from Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia who with their passion give the best to their guests and the association.

You can visit Greece at any time of the year and discover the rich culture and warm hospitality from your first moment in our country. There are so many islands all different from each other.  It would take years to explore them all. Our country is not only blue and white house’s shinning in summer time near the blue Mediterranean waters.  There are also many other types of holidays to entice you. From the breath taking Meteora and it’s monasteries, built on top of amazing rocky formations, to Olympia (birthplace of the Olympic games), and Macedonia, the country of Alexander the Great, we invite you to visit our hotels and resorts and of course meet our members, that with their passion will help for the memorable experience.

We all look forward to welcome you to Greece to create unique memories for lifetime.

Please visit Les Clefs d’Or Hellas’ (Greece) website to learn about our association and discover our connected members.

We look forward into meeting you in our hotel lobbies to guide you through our beautiful country.

In Service through Friendship,

Dimitrios Liapis I President Les Clefs d’Or Hellas

Foundation Date


Section President

Dimitrios Liapis
President / Night Concierge
Athenaeum InterContinental Athens

Section Contact Details

Hotel Mistral
105 Al. Papanastasiou Av.
18533 Piraeus
Phone : +30 210 4117150


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