Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

Dear Visitors, dear friends

Les clefs d’Or Belgium, were created in 1937, from that date our country has been part of the founding countries.

Our small section has always done its very best to promote our organization and to maintain the quality of the service provided to our guest, in the true spirit of our association, always in friendship.

Belgium has been the crossroad in the history of Europe, between the different communities and trends, political, industrial, artistic, design and gastronomy.

A country where everything is possible… where self-depreciating humor is a religion…

Where talents can express themselves in various sectors, from Charles the fifth to Dimitri Vegas, from Ernest Solvay to Dries Van Noten and many more…

Every single stone of Brussels has something to tell.

20% of the population is coming from all around the world, just because of the success of the “vivre ensemble” philosophy. Can you imagine that in Brussels, more than 45 nationalities lives in a perfect harmony?

No one can return home without having the ambition to come back, one of the reasons maybe the 1150 beers to test…

You cannot resume Belgium to one single word, but Belgium is a big melting pot of:  mussels, NATO, beer, Tomorrowland, Diamonds, Art-Nouveau, EU,  Caricoles, Solvay, Saxophone, Flemish, French, German, Design, Tradition, Gilles de Binche, carnival, ethnics, religion, Chocolate, fun, Tintin, Franco Dragone, Pekets, F1 Grand Prix, James Ensor, Magritte… and 24 clefs d’or members dedicated to provide the best of them

In Friendship

Mariano Van Cleve

President of Les Clefs d’Or Belgium

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Section President

Mariano Van Cleve
Presidet / Chef Concierge
Sofitel Brussels Le Louise

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Avenue de la Toison d'or, 40
1050 Bruxelles
Phone : +32 475 56 49 13


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