Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

The Italian section of the Golden keys was established in 1949 thanks to Giuseppe Franzetti, Chef Concierge of the Palace Hotel in Milan. After several meetings with the French President Ferdinand Gillet, Italy became one of the seven founder members of the International Association of the Golden Keys. In November 2000 the new Statute of the Association was approved by the General Assembly and the name F.I.P.A. changed into U.I.P.A. The respect of the Statute and the request by the International Board to keep under control the identity of each Active Member, persuade many of them not in line with the new disposal, to move out of the Union. Only those who are employed as concierges and display on the lapels of their uniforms the crossed golden keys, have the right to be members of “Les Clefs d’Or”. Nearly 350 U.I.P.A. Active Members are now divided by seven regions whilst a new generation of young concierges is coming up.

If you are traveling through our “Bella Italia” absorbed in the arts and the taste of our cuisine, our wines and the natural beauties, remember to contact us for any assistance you may need. We are displaced in the main Italian cities and in the most famous tourist places. From the sea to the mountains, from Sicily along the whole national territory up to Venice, touching cities as Naples, Rome, Florence, Turin, Milan, Verona you’ll discover every hidden piece of our beautiful country. Skiing in the Alps, swimming and laying down to the sunshine along the entire coastline and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, enjoying the mild weather of lakes Maggiore, Como and Garda and taking benefits from the care of thermal places, displaced in many of our regions. What we offer you is an experience full of emotion, feelings and pleasure combined together to create the magic of your stay, to be taken back home as an unforgettable moment.

We warmly suggest you to visit our website Les Clefs d’Or Italy to learn more about our Association and to discover how our connected members continue to play an integral role in Italy’s Hospitality Industry.

We look forward to meeting you in our hotel lobbies.

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Michele Paonessa
President / Chef Concierge
Plaza Hotel Lucchesi

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Via Ponte alle Mosse
36/A 50100
Firenze Italy
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